Kala Hathorn


15 july, 2013

No Justice, No Peace: Are You The Next Trayvon Martin?

A wise man that once walked the face of this earth said, he had a dream. A dream that would bring blacks, whites, yellows, greens, or whatever color you may be, across the nation to sit at the table of brotherhood and righteousness, that was claimed to be theirs by the help of civil rights leaders. People ask “What is Racism?”. I say racism is ignorance! It is the lack of understanding of how to treat other people that are different than they are. When i hear Trayvon Martin I hear the cries of anger that our society screams. I see another black boy out on the street. I see my cousin or brother. When i hear Trayvon Martin I feel sorry, overwhelmed about the future, and scared because I maybe the next Trayvon Martin. I think this cause is selfless and selfish it has no regard for human life. The case was completely turned around to make it seem like Zimmerman was the victim. Being a young black female in this society i raise my voice and scream ” if we can’t have justice then we cant have peace”.